Ballet Year At a Glance

  • Auditions for any of the school year program in our ballet academy can occur anytime by appointment.  [LEARN MORE]

  • Regular school year classes begin the first week after Labor Day each year.

  • All students participate in performances each school year.  [LEARN MORE]

  • Level IV students and older are encouraged to participate in some internationally run competitions January – March.  [LEARN MORE]

  • Audition for our summer intensive occurs in February.  [LEARN MORE]

  • The school year wraps up at the end of May along with your student’s academic year.

  • In early June we offer a 2 week “Stay in Shape” Workshop for our students and for prospective students.  [LEARN MORE]

  • Pre-professional students are encouraged to attend a summer intensive which run from 2 weeks to 8 weeks in July and August.  [LEARN MORE]